How to Hide the Xbox 360 Cables for a Mounted TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Though mounting your flat screen television set on your wall may open up space on a TV stand or table, you will immediately notice that it draws attention to the cables connecting devices to the set. For example, your Xbox 360 must be connected via a series of audio and video cables. You can hide these cables in a few different ways depending on your available resources.

Run your Xbox 360 audio and video cables down through the metal mounting bracket attached to your TV stand (if applicable). If your high definition television set is mounted to your TV stand and not to the wall, the hollow tube that the television is mounted on can be used to hide the cables. Run the cables through the top of the tube and out the hole on the bottom where they can then connect to your Xbox 360.

Purchase and use a cable sleeve from an electronics store. Bind all of your Xbox 360 audio and video cables together and wrap the sleeve around the cables. The cables are hidden inside the sleeve and the sleeve itself hangs down between your television and your Xbox 360. While the sleeve is still visible, it is more aesthetically pleasing than if multiple cables were just hanging down between both devices.

Drill a hole in your wall behind the HDTV and another in the wall behind your Xbox 360 (optional). Connect the Xbox 360 cables to the back of your HDTV and run them through the hole in the wall. Reach through the hole behind the Xbox 360 and pull the cables through, allowing you to connect them to your console. If it is not possible to drill your holes close together, insert a "snake" into the hole behind your Xbox 360 and grab onto the cables. Pull the snake out of the hole with the cables attached to pull the cables through and connect them to your console. A standard snake can be purchased at a hardware store. Note that this will only work for drywall or sheetrock walls and is not an option if your HDTV is mounted on a brick wall.


If you decide to move your television set or your Xbox 360 and have drilled holes in your walls to dry the cable, you can seal the holes back up with putty or plaster and a putty knife. Spread the putty or plaster over the hole and allow it to dry. Both pieces of equipment are available at hardware stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill (optional)
  • Cable Sleeve
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