How to Take Apart a Reebok Treadmill 8500

assembly work image by Leticia Wilson from

Although the Reebok 8500 Treadmill is a fine piece of exercise equipment, there may be times when you have to take it apart to service it. Even if your treadmill works perfectly, there still may be times when you may need to store it away or move it to another location. Being able to disassemble it can make that task a lot easier. You can do this with two basic tools.

Unplug the treadmill from is power source.

Remove the bolts from the console using the hex key that came with the treadmill. The bolts and washers are located on the underside of the console. Have someone hold onto the console so that it does not fall to the ground.

Disconnect the TV cables and the console wire harness connectors. Carefully pull the console assembly away and set it aside.

Tip the treadmill on its side and loosen and remove the bolts from the extension legs with the hex key. Remove the extension legs.

Unscrew with a Phillips-head screwdriver the two screws holding the two base pads on. Put the pads to the side.

Tip the treadmill to the opposite side and remove the bolts from the extension legs on that side with the hex key. Place them to the side.

Remove the screws and the base pads on this side as well. Place them to the side.

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