How to Attract a Teenage Boy in High School

Updated March 18, 2017

The high school years can be confusing, especially when it comes to the romance department. Teenage girls pine over their school crushes, trying to catch a glimpse of him putting away books in his locker or on the football field during practice. If you like a guy in high school and want him to return your feelings, there are several things that you can do.

Find out what hobbies and interests he has by playing detective for a day (ask his friends.) Try to find an interest that you share, whether it's volleyball or writing. If he is into volleyball, try to run into him after volleyball practice and tell him how much you love the sport. If he enjoys writing, consider signing up for your school's literary magazine so that you get a chance to interact with him. Not only will these things give you the opportunity be around your crush, they will also look good on college applications.

Make conversation with him. If you don't ever talk to your crush, you probably won't make any progress with him, so get up the guts to start a conversation. Make sure that you maintain extended and steady eye contact when you talk to him. Strike up a conversation regarding shared interests and commonalities between the both of you, whether it's a tough paper you're both working on for your English class or a favourite television show. Ask him a lot of questions and show him that you are interested in him as a person.

Try to look your best. One easy way to attract a teen guy is by presenting yourself in the best possible light. This means practicing proper grooming and hygiene habits and dressing nicely. Be sure to wear clothes that are body-flattering. Make sure that your hair is clean, freshly combed and presentable. Make your eyes pop by wearing a tiny bit of mascara or perhaps some eyeliner (try to keep the make-up to a minimum, though.)

Be confident. Confidence is one of the main things that attracts boys to girls. When a girl has confidence, her personality shines through and encourages boys to want to be around her. Walk with your head held high. Exercise good and straight posture. Look people directly in the eye when you talk to them (including your crush.) Radiate an aura of authentic confidence that will render you absolutely irresistible and intriguing to your crush.

Tease your crush. If you have developed enough of a rapport with your crush that you talk to him, tease him playfully. One fun way in which people flirt is by engaging in some lighthearted ribbing with the objects of their affection. Make sure that you never go overboard with your teasing, though. You do not want to risk hurting his feelings. Keep your teasing light and good-natured. If he teases you back, that's a good thing.


No matter what you do, you cannot force someone to like you. All you can do is try your best and be yourself. Be natural and see where that takes you.

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