How to Make Peter Pan Shoes

If you are playing the part of Peter Pan in a play or dressing up as the character for Halloween, you will need a pair of Peter Pan shoes. It is easy to convert an old pair of high-top or other canvas sneakers into Peter Pan's footwear with materials that are readily available at any craft shop.

Remove the laces from a pair of old canvas sneakers and remove the tongue by cutting it off at the base with a pair of scissors.

Paint the canvas surfaces of the sneakers green or brown with fabric paint or colour them with fabric markers. Colour the rubber edges of the sneakers with green or brown permanent markers to match the canvas. Allow the paint to dry for 8 hours.

Cut two 2-ft. lengths of brown twine to use as laces. Begin the lacing as usual, but skip every other row of holes as you go up.

Adjust the tightness so you can slip your foot in and out of the sneaker without untying it. Tie the two ends of the twine together in a double overhand knot. Trim off the excess twine at the ends.

Measure the opening of the sneakers. Cut two 4-in. wide strips of green or brown felt to the same length as the opening. Fold the strips in half lengthwise and glue the edges to the inside and outside edges of the shoe openings with fabric glue. Use paper clips to pinch the felt in place around each opening as the glue dries. Wait 24 hours before wearing the Peter Pan shoes.

Things You'll Need

  • Canvas sneakers
  • Scissors
  • Green or brown fabric paint or fabric markers
  • Green or brown permanent markers
  • Twine
  • Measuring tape
  • Green or brown felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Paper clips
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