How to Make Bluetooth Work With an iPhone

Updated April 17, 2017

Bluetooth wireless technology is an effective way to link two devices without the need for docking stations or connection cables. The Apple iPhone comes with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to wirelessly connect it with other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, computers and mobile devices. Bluetooth is disabled by default on the iPhone because it can sap battery power. You can quickly enable Bluetooth on your iPhone and enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity with your other devices.

Switch on the iPhone and press "Settings" on the home screen.

Tap the "General" option in the "Settings" screen.

Select "Bluetooth." Move the tab beside this option from the "Off" to the "On" position. This enables Bluetooth connectivity on the iPhone. A blue icon appears in the status bar at the top of the iPhone screen to show that Bluetooth is working.

Wait for the iPhone to automatically search for nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. This can take a few minutes.

Tap the device that you want to connect with via Bluetooth from the list of devices. If this is the first time that you've connected with the Bluetooth on your iPhone, you will need to "pair" the devices. This procedure varies, depending on the other device. Some devices pair automatically while others require you to enter your Bluetooth password. Check the user guide for the device before pairing it with your iPhone.


Switch off Bluetooth when you no longer need to connect to the other device. Leaving it on may drain your iPhone's battery.


Enabling Bluetooth connectivity on an iPhone automatically makes it discoverable to other nearby Bluetooth devices. You can choose to accept or reject connection requests if another Bluetooth device tries to link to your iPhone.

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