How to Change the Quantity of an Item on Amazon

If you have ever shopped online at Amazon and flubbed your order by ordering too few or too many of a particular product, then you know how frustrating it can be to find out how to change your order if you do not already know how to do so. You can learn to change the quantity of an item ordered on Amazon in a few easy to follow steps.

Act quickly. It is not a problem to change the quantity of an order before it has shipped, but after it is en route it is too late to modify the order.

Sign into Amazon and make sure you are on the "Your Account" page -- "Your Account" appears in the upper right hand side of all pages on the Amazon site.

Click the "Your Orders" button located near the top of the page, in the section named "Orders."

Change the quantity of the item you are ordering by clicking in the "Qty" box.


If you need to change items for your wedding registry, go to the "Amazon Wedding" home page and click on "View My Registry." From there you can change the purchased quantity of items and wanted items. Click "Save all changes" at the top of the page and you are finished.

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