How to Program Your TiVo Remote to Work With Your TV

Updated April 17, 2017

A TiVo remote doesn't need to be exclusive to TiVo. It can also work on your television set, and be the only remote you will need. Setting up a TiVo remote to control your television settings is a fairly simple process. Once you program it correctly, it will serve as the control for the shows you record and play back, and allow you to change the channels and volume on your TV.

Press the TiVo button on the remote, and then press "Messages and Settings." Then push "Settings," followed by "Remote Control." You will see the three programmable aspects of your remote, "TV, Power, Volume and Mute," "AV Volume and Mute," and "TV Input."

Push the arrow key on the right of the remote's direction pad to choose "TV, Power, Volume and Mute." This will give you a selection of television-maker brand names.

Select your TV brand and hold down the "TV, Power, Volume and Mute" button. Hold for approximately five seconds until the red light comes on. Enter the code on screen when it prompts you. If the brand of your TV is not listed, visit the TiVo website (, click on "Setup and Support," and find the code that matches your brand.

After entering the code, push the program button to make sure it operates properly. If it does not, try all available codes until it does.

Press the "Live TV" option to change channels on TV set. You will also be able to change the volume and continue to record programs, now that you have created a "universal" remote. TiVo also comes with a manual that will give detailed directions and answer any questions about its remote control.


If you have DirecTV, press the "Mute" and "Select" buttons at the same time, and wait for a green light at the top of the remote to blink twice. Push the "Channel Up" button, release, and push again. Eventually, your TV will turn off. Once it does, press "Select," and then turn the TV on. Enter the TV code, and then slide the button at the top of the remote to "DTV." You can then change channels on DirecTV using a TiVo remote.

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