How to Make Tinkerbell Shoes

Updated February 21, 2017

Tinkerbell from the Disney movie "Peter Pan" is a timeless costume for millions of little girls. It is also a cute costume for adult women to wear for Halloween or a themed party. Either way, you need the correct type of shoes to go with the costume.

Find ballet flats that are your shoe size. You can find these at vintage stores, dance stores, craft stores, costume shops and online at Web sites such as Find them used for even cheaper; since you will be dyeing them a different color, it won't matter how new they appear.

Fill the bucket with the green dye and water, as the directions indicate. Set the ballet shoes in the bucket of green dye for at least two hours. If they are not as green as you want them to be, leave them in longer. Check on the shoes occasionally to see if they are the shade of green that you like.

Remove the shoes from the green dye and let dry. This will take about a full day. Pour out the bucket's contents in a safe place where you will not risk getting dye on anything of value.

Use the hot glue gun to create a pattern of gold and green sequins along the top and sides of the Tinkerbell shoes. You can create whatever pattern you like, but the point is to provide some glittery flash and embellishments to the Tinkerbell shoes.

Let the glue dry completely.


Be careful working with a hot glue gun, especially if there are children around.

Things You'll Need

  • Ballet flats Green clothing dye Medium-sized bucket Gloves Green and gold sequins Hot glue gun
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