How To Convert a Photo into a Twitter Picture

Updated April 17, 2017

Twitter is the popular social networking website used for transmitting brief messages. A username identifies your profile to the rest of the world, but to make your profile unique, upload a photo to replace the egg image as your avatar. Additionally, Twitter can embed pictures and link to other photos in your tweets. You can include one photo per tweet.

Login to your Twitter account and click your name in the top right corner. Select "Settings."

Click the "Profile" tab in the Settings menu. Click the "Change image" button adjacent to your current Twitter picture.

Click "Choose File" to open a new window and browse your hard drive for the photo you want to upload as your new Twitter picture. Twitter limits the size of these avatar photos to a sizeable 700 kilobytes, since most users only interact with these photos in the small thumbnails adjacent to your name and tweets. If your photo is too large to meet the size restrictions, open the photo in a basic image editing program (such as MS Paint or Preview) and use the stretch and size tools to reduce your image.

Open the Twitter app and access your profile. Access the settings menu to edit your profile.

Tap "Profile Image." If your phone has a built-in camera, you will be prompted to select whether to take a photo or use an existing photo on your phone's hard drive. If you do not have a camera, you can still upload a photo from your phone's image library.

Take a photo for your new Twitter picture or locate the photo you want to upload. When you have finished selecting an image, tap "Save" to confirm the changes to your profile settings. You will need to wait for the photo to upload to your account. Twitter has a 700 kilobyte size restriction for Twitter profile images. You probably do not have any images on your phone that are greater than that size, but if so, you will need to edit the photo size using a basic image editing program on your computer.

Tap and launch the Twitter app on your mobile phone. Tap the pencil or speech bubble icon to create a new tweet.

Tap the camera icon. Snap a new photo with your phone's camera or select a photo from the phone's photo library. Wait for the image to upload.

Enter any text you want to include with the photo in your tweet. The photo URL generally occupies about 20 characters, leaving you 120 characters for the text in your tweet. Tap "Send" to post your tweet to your profile. The photo will be visible as a thumbnail to users who view your tweet in the Twitter mobile app, and it will be displayed as a Yfrog link in the default view and on


Squarely cropped photos look more natural on the Twitter website and app, because of the automatic reduction to a square thumbnail in most fields. Users can still see your full photo if they access your profile, but most people will primarily encounter the thumbnail when reading your tweets.

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