How to Replace a BIOS Battery on an Nc6320

Updated July 20, 2017

A computer's BIOS system runs independently from the computer's operating system. Inside of the computer, the BIOS settings are saved using a lithium ion battery. This is referred to as a CMOS battery. Even when the laptop loses its power, the BIOS settings will be saved as long as the CMOS battery has enough charge left in it. If the BIOS settings are frequently being reset, the CMOS battery needs to be replaced. The Compaq Nc6320 laptop computer's CMOS battery is easily accessible by way of the keyboard.

Turn off your NC6320, and pull out its battery from the underside. Pull out the power cable. This will prevent any power from being sent through the machine while you are working on it.

Remove the small memory bay door on the underside of the Compaq Nc6320 using the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the two screws underneath the memory panel door with the screwdriver. This releases the keyboard from the computer.

Push in the four latches on the top side of the Nc6320 laptop's keyboard. These latches are located above the "Function" keys. Lift the keyboard out of the laptop.

Pull the BIOS CMOS battery clip from its connection. The battery is yellow. Pull the battery out of the Nc6320 after the clip has been disconnected.

Connect the new BIOS CMOS battery clip to its connection point, and then push the new battery into place. Place the keyboard back onto the Nc6320 and push it in until the four latches reattach themselves to the laptop.

Tighten the two keyboard screws on the reverse side of the laptop, and then replace the memory panel door. Tighten the panel door's screws.

Reattach the laptop battery, and then plug the Nc6320's power cable back into the computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Nc6320 CMOS battery
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