How to design your own CD covers for free right now

Creating a customised CD cover for your music project will make the CD more attractive and professional-looking. There is online software you can download for free that allows you to design your very own CD cover, as well as templates that you can download to use in word-processing software. Your CD cover is only as professional as the paper and ink you print it on. If possible, hire a printing service to print your CD covers.

Access Microsoft's website to download CD-case-insert templates (see Resources). A CD-insert template has all the measurements for a standard CD cover. There are other websites available that also provide CD-insert templates that can be used in Microsoft Word or other word-processing software.

Open the template in your word-processing software. Erase the text from the template and replace it with the information that you would like to have on your CD cover.

Remove any pictures or photos in the template and upload your own photos and clip art into the template. Left-click an image and press the "Delete" button on your keyboard to erase it. Insert the image in place of the picture you erased. In Microsoft Word, you can click the "Insert" tab at the top of the screen and select "Picture."

Access a free CD-design software package that allows you to create CD covers. The software can be free, but you may have to register with a user name and password along with other information to use the software. Magix Xtreme Print Studio, Meritline EZ Label Xpress Lite, Ronyasoft and Thyanté are all free CD-cover creators.

Open the software and browse to the available templates for CD inserts. Some software may allow you to create the CD covers without templates (Meritline).

Upload and import any photos to add to your CD cover. Under the "File" or "Edit" menu of the software, you can choose an option to insert photos or graphics. Other software may allow you to drag and drop the image on the CD cover design.

Save the cover in the correct format or print using your printer. If hiring a printing company to print your CD covers, find out which format they will accept so you can determine if the software you are using offers that format. Many printing companies can print images saved in JPEG and PDF formats.

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