How to Send a Test Fax in HP

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The only way to ensure you've set your new fax machine up correctly is to test a fax. HP's free Fax Test program provides a convenient way to test the new fax machine without sending a test fax to your friends, business clients or relatives. Once you've set up the new fax machine, testing it with HP's program takes 10 minutes or less and provides peace of mind that you'll receive all important business documents transmitted via fax.

Check to ensure your HP fax machine is turned on and plugged in and that it has paper in the tray.

Fill out a fax cover sheet, writing your name and fax number in the sender column. Add HP Fax Test for the recipient and write down the HP Fax Test fax number, which is 1-888-473-2963. Write down the number of pages as "2."

Place the fax cover sheet and one blank sheet of paper in your HP fax machine, either face up or face down (your fax machine will specify).

Type in 1-888-473-2963 (the HP Fax Test line) using the keypad on your fax machine. Press "Start" or "Send" to transmit your test fax to HP.

Wait five to seven minutes after you've sent the test fax. HP will prepare and transmit a return fax, so you know your machine can both send and receive faxes.

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