How to Fix a Blurred Image on an Air Rifle Scope

Updated February 21, 2017

Rifle scopes are great for getting up close and personal with targets or small game, but a scope that hasn't been properly adjusted can lead to blurry images and a missed shot. Air rifles often come with scopes, and most models can be upgraded to accept a wide variety of optics. Almost all rifle scopes contain an adjustment knob on the eye-side of the optics that can be adjusted to compensate for field-of-view and blurry images.

Locate the eyepiece. This is the part of the scope closest to your eye while shooting.

Locate the focus ring on the end of the eyepiece, which is usually a thin ring.

Shoulder the rifle and aim at a target at least 10 yards away.

Turn the focus ring clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the focus to your eye, while looking down the scope at the target.

Continue to move the focus ring back and forth until the target is crisp and sharp.


Make adjustments to the focus ring for targets that are farther away or closer.

Things You'll Need

  • Target
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