How to Save a Separate Page From a PDF Document With Adobe 9

Adobe created the Portable Document Format file to provide a way for businesses and individuals to securely share documents and maintain consistent designs. It quickly became standard for sharing documents; you probably share, receive, view and download PDF documents at least once a week. Occasionally, you'll have a multi-page PDF that contains only one page that pertains to you. With Adobe Acrobat 9.0, you can separate that page and save it as a new PDF document.

Open the file from which you want to save a page in Adobe Acrobat 9.

Navigate to the page that you want to save.

Click the "Document" menu and "Extract Pages."

Enter the page number that you want to extract in both the "From" and the "To" box. These boxes are most likely filled out with the current selected page.

Click to the check the box next to "Extract Pages As Separate Files."

Click "OK," and specify where you want to save the extracted page. Click "Choose" to save the page. The file is saved as the original file name with the page number.


If "Extract Pages" is restricted in the security settings, you won't be able to save a separate page from the PDF.

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