How to Change the Name of a Song in Doubletwist

Updated July 20, 2017

DoubleTwist is a multimedia player for Android phones. It provides similar capabilities to iTunes (used for Apple devices), such as syncing, downloading apps and music. You can even sync your iTunes playlists. You can make adjustments to all of your media files, such as changing names, from your double Twist interface. Changing the name of a song in double Twist is a quick and easy task that can be performed in different ways.

Open double Twist and select Music Library. Select the song you would like to edit. Right click on it and select the "Get Info" tab. The information menu for the song will pop up. Highlight the "Title" field and make any necessary changes to the song name. Finally, click "Save" to exit the information menu.

Change the song name another way by right clicking on it in the Music Library and selecting "Show in Windows Explorer." This will launch the folder where the song (music file) is stored. The name of the song will be highlighted. Right click on the music file and select "Rename." Type the new name and click on any blank space in Windows Explorer or on the desktop.

Perform this change a third way by personally accessing your Music Library. Right click on the music file and select "Rename." The new name will be automatically updated in double Twist.

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