How to Forward Calls From a Landline

Landlines are often the main source of telephone communication for businesses and for many households. Unfortunately, you can only answer calls placed to your landline if you are at the location of the landline, as it is physically wired to the telephone grid. If you are leaving the location of your landline and would still like to receive telephone calls placed to the landline, you can forward all calls placed to the landline to another landline or to a cell phone. When a call is forwarded, the calling party is not alerted that they are being forwarded, allowing you to bring your landline with you wherever you go.

Pick up the receiver on the landline and listen for the dial tone.

Dial *72 and listen for the dial tone to pulse twice.

Dial the 10-digit telephone number of the telephone that you would like to forward the calls to.

Answer the phone that you would like to forward the calls to, if you have that phone with you, or arrange beforehand to have someone pick up the call from a distant phone, and then hang up both lines to complete the forward.


To cancel call forwarding, dial *73 from the forwarded line.

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