How to Check the Battery Life on a TomTom

Updated March 23, 2017

The TomTom is a GPS navigational device that gives drivers turn-by-turn directions to their specified destinations. In addition to route information, TomToms provide information on trip length, points of interest, tollways and speed limits. When using a TomTom, it is important to maintain the battery life so the device doesn't lose its charge while in use. You can check the battery life on any TomTom by looking for the on-screen indicator.

Press the power button on your TomTom to turn it on. The power button is located on the right side on the top of the device.

Touch the lower-right corner of the screen to access the route summary. As the name suggests, the route summary shows a summary of the planned route, including estimated travel time, distance, and the estimated arrival time. You'll also find the GPS signal strength and the battery-life indicator on this page.

Look at the battery-life indicator to determine whether the battery needs to be charged. When fully charged, the indicator will be green. The green colour will gradually disappear from the indicator as the battery dies and will turn orange when it needs to be charged.


Although most TomTom devices work similarly, there are differences between models. Consult your instruction manual if you're having trouble finding the battery-life indicator. TomTom provides PDF versions of all their manuals on the TomTom website.

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