How to Put on a Mandolin Strap

Updated April 17, 2017

Attaching a mandolin strap to your mandolin is a simple procedure that provides security and protection for the instrument. Mandolins are small and lightweight. It is tempting to play them without a strap, however, a strap makes the mandolin easier to play even when you are in a sitting position. Playing the mandolin without a strap requires supporting it with your hands or holding it against your body. Mandolin straps can be purchased online or at music stores.

Purchase the appropriate strap for the mandolin. Guitar straps are too big for the mandolin. The two types of mandolins are A-style and F-style. A strap for one style does not work for the other style. The F-style mandolin has an elaborate scroll or curlicue on the upper left-hand side of the mandolin.

Connect the part of the mandolin strap with the strap hole to the end peg on the tail of the mandolin. The strap hole simply fits onto the end pin.

Tie the laces on the opposite end of the A-style strap to the peg head of the mandolin. Thread the laces under the strings on the peg head side of the nut. The nut separates the fretboard from the peg head. If you have an F-style strap, lasso the curlicue part of the mandolin with the loop end of the strap.

Place the strap over head and onto your shoulder. The A-style strap sits on your left shoulder. The F-style strap sits on your right shoulder. Adjust the strap until the mandolin is at a comfortable height for your playing style.

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