How to Tell Authentic Balenciaga

If you are looking to purchase a Balenciaga bag, don't be fooled by a fake one. Balenciaga bags come in multiple styles which can make it challenging to differentiate between authentic bags and fake models. Luckily there are many small, yet distinguishing features about Balenciaga bags that you can look for in order to determine if the bag you are thinking of purchasing is authentic or not. Be sure to thoroughly check a bag to make sure it is a real Balenciaga before purchasing it, to make sure you are not the victim of a scam.

Examine the material of the Balenciaga bag, as fake ones are often made from cheap leather which looks shiny and stiff. An authentic bag will appear soft and distressed. The leather on the real Balenciaga bags is so thin that it tends to cave in when empty, instead of holding its shape as might be seen with a fake bag. The tassels on an authentic bag will be soft and hang loosely from it, while the tassels on a fake bag are often stiff and hard.

Examine the small rings that the tassels are tied to on the zipper and make sure that they are all sealed shut, so there are no gaps showing. Each of the zippers should have a tassel attached to it.

Take a close look at the shoulder strap. An authentic Balenciaga bag will have a shoulder strap consisting of one solid layer of leather with small spots at the ends for the hardware to fit into. The hardware should appear rounded and curved. Many fake Balenciaga bags have a double layer shoulder strap, where the leather covers the hardware. The hardware on these bags often have a squared appearance.

Examine the handles of the bag. Authentic Balenciaga bags have braided leather handles, with a natural appearance, somewhat like a rope. Fake bag handles often appear to be composed of finished leather, and can look shiny.

Make sure the lining of the bag is black, as all authentic Balenciaga models have a black lining and black stictching along the top. Fake bags sometimes have a lining that matches the outside of the bag.

Check the tag of the bag to make sure the serial number is the same on the front and the back, if it has a metal tag. One side of these tags are metal and the other is leather and their serial numbers must match for the bag to be authentic. The back of the tag will have additional numbers after the serial number that indicates the style of the bag. Flip the back of an authentic Balenciaga tag up to see the words "right side up."

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