How to Get Silver M4A1 in Crossfire

Updated February 21, 2017

Crossfire is a free military themed FPS (first person shooter) game offered by Z8 Games. While success in the game depends mostly upon player skill, any small advantage can help. One such advantage is an item available through the mall in the game, the Silver M4A1-Custom weapon. Customising adds a silencer and five extra rounds to the M4-A1 stock weapon. Though it's a small change, in the hands of a talented player it can make the difference between winning a shoot-out and starting over at a respawning point

Log in to your user account on Z8 Games, and click the "Deposit" link on the front page.

Choose a method of payment and deposit amount from the options provided on the deposit page. Use the deposited funds to purchase 10000 Z8 points, the smallest points package available.

Select the "Mall" option from the main Z8 menu, and then click the "Bonus Items" category under the "Cross Fire Item Shop" submenu. Press the "Buy Now" button next to the M4A1-Silver selection to purchase the Silver M4A1 for use in your Crossfire game. Click the "Confirm" button to confirm your purchase.

Click the "My Items" button on the right side of the screen to navigate to a list of your purchased items. Press the "Use" button to activate your new weapon.

Start your Crossfire game. The Silver M4A1 is now available to use.

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