Do it yourself wedding arch

Wedding arches make beautiful accents to your wedding decor. The wedding arch is a symbol of two lives becoming one, and it makes a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. There are all kinds of wedding arches: wooden, metal and even arches made from sticks or branches. The simplest wedding arches to make are non-permanent and can be bought in kits from craft stores. Add a little decoration to match your wedding theme and you can have a beautiful arch to say, "I do," under.

Purchase a wedding arch kit from a local craft store. Most of these are metal. You should be able to choose if you want white or a metallic colour.

Assemble the wedding arch according to the decorations that came with the kit.

Use netting or tulle of your choice to drape around the arch. If you wish to forego netting or tulle, use a fabric of your choice, or even add natural elements such as large leaves to wrap around the arch.

Wrap the string of lights around the arch.

Weave the flowers or other decor of your choice into the arch. Use floral wire to secure the flowers to the arch.


If you use a string of lights, make sure you have a power souce to plug the lights into. If you wish, you can purchase wooden arches from local wordworking stores to use during your ceremony and then transport them to your own home to use in your garden. If you are handy with wood, you can build your own wedding arch.

Things You'll Need

  • Wedding arch kit
  • String of white lights
  • Netting or tulle in colours of your choice
  • Real or silk flowers of your choice
  • Floral wire
  • Optional: branches/other decorations to match your wedding theme
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