How to White List Programs in Avira

Updated April 17, 2017

One of the software applications included in the Avira Premium Security Suite is a firewall. This program is designed to provide enhanced security for your computer by using a combination of application and adaptor rules to protect against malware, intrusions and other security threats. Application rules tell the firewall how to treat a specific program's access to your computer system and the network. Adaptor rules allow or limit access based on criteria such as an IP address or port scans from outside the network. The Avira firewall lets you set an application rule to "whitelist" or allow specific programs full access to your local network and the Internet.

Right-click the Avira Premium Security Suite icon in the System Tray. Select "Configure AntiVir" from the context menu.

Click the "+" sign next to "Firewall" in the list of modules on the left to expand it. Click "Application Rules."

Click the program you want to whitelist from the list of application rules. Click "Privileged" under "Mode" to apply only the application rule to the program and ignore adaptor rules. Click "Allow" under "Action" to allow the program to communicate through the firewall. Click "OK."

Click "Add Application" to add a new program to the list of application rules and whitelist it. A list of recently used programs is generated. If the program is not on the list, click "Browse for Other Applications" and navigate to the program file. Click the program file to add it to the application list.

Highlight the program you want to whitelist and click "Add." Change the "Mode" to "Privileged" and the "Action" to "Allow." Click "OK."


The Avira firewall comes with a preapproved list of "Trusted Vendors" such as Google, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and others. The firewall can be configured to automatically "Allow" or whitelist programs from these trusted vendors.

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