Is There Any Way to Trace a Blocked Number?

Updated July 20, 2017

Receiving a call from a blocked phone number can be frustrating and disruptive to your daily life. These calls may come in at all hours of the day, or even multiple times each day. Tracing the blocked number can help identify the caller and put an end to these annoying calls. Fortunately, there are methods that enable both landline and cell phone users to trace a blocked number.

Confirm that your caller ID displays "Blocked," "Unavailable," "Anonymous," "Unknown" or something similar when the call is coming in.

Dial *57 after receiving the blocked call, if you are a landline user. This traces the phone number and provides it to your phone company. You need to contact your phone company to obtain the traced number.

Use Anonymous Call Rejection. Contact your phone provider to determine if this is available. This plays a message to incoming blocked calls informing them that you do not accept calls from unknown numbers. This will simply block the call and not trace it; however, some phone companies have an option that prompts the caller to enter his phone number for the call to go through. This provides you with the blocked number.

Download the TrapCall application from the Internet at, if you are a cell phone user. Register your information and select which phone tracing features you need. This application will trace and show blocked numbers immediately when the call comes in to your cell phone.


If you are being harassed or threatened over the phone through blocked calls, contact your local police department for help in tracing the calls and staying safe.

Things You'll Need

  • Caller ID
  • Contact information for your phone provider
  • TrapCall Application
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