Instructions for a Uniden Bearcat UBC-9000XLT

Updated April 17, 2017

The Uniden Bearcat UBC9000XLT is a base unit radio with automatic scanning capabilities. The UBC9000XLT has the ability to store frequencies into 20 internal banks that can hold 25 channels each. These frequencies can be from police, fire/emergency, weather and other types of broadcasts. This radio can scan all of its 500 saved channels through the Turbo Scan-mode feature. The basic instructions for the Uniden Bearcat UBC9000XLT are fairly straightforward.

Press the "Manual" button to place the radio into Manual Mode.

Press a desired channel button on the upper-right side of the radio face, then enter a desired radio frequency into the numeric keypad.

Press the "E" button to save the channel.

Press the "Manual" button to place the radio into Manual Mode.

Press the "Chan" button, then turn the "Channel" knob until you hear the desired frequency station.

Press the "Freq" button to tune the frequency, then press the "E" button to save the channel.

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