How do I Upgrade a Dell Inspiron 530s Graphics Card?

Updated July 19, 2017

Integrated graphics controllers are sufficient for displaying the two-dimensional items on a Windows desktop. However, if you have attempted to play a three-dimensional game on your Dell Inspiron 530s, you may have been disappointed by the performance of the integrated Intel GMA 3100 graphics controller. The ability to upgrade a desktop computer is one of its greatest assets, and if you are unhappy with the graphics performance of your Inspiron 530s, it's not difficult to install a new video card.

Shut the Inspiron 530s down and remove all of the cables from the front and back of the tower.

Move the Inspiron 530s to a table. Orient the tower so that the vented side panel faces up.

Unscrew the two Phillips-head screws from the back of the side panel.

Push the side panel toward the back of the Inspiron 530s to release the securing tabs under it. Lift the panel up and place it on a soft towel or blanket.

Lift the metal lever above the expansion card covers in the back of the Inspiron 530s. The lever secures the long metal bracket that extends across the computer chassis, holding the expansion cards in place.

Swing the bracket up and toward the front of the computer to disengage the locking tabs and remove the bracket from the computer.

Lower the plastic lever on the front of the expansion slot closest to the Inspiron 530s processor.

Place the video card directly above the open expansion slot, making sure that the metal contacts on the bottom of the card line up perfectly with the slot. Push the card straight down.

Reach below the video card and raise the plastic lever on the end of the expansion slot until it covers the hook on the end of the card.

Place the tabs on the metal bracket inside the notches on the front of the computer chassis, and swing the bracket down until it covers the expansion card slots. Lower the lever above the expansion card slots to lock the bracket and cards in place.

Replace the side panel and Phillips-head screws.

Return the Inspiron 530s to its original position and reconnect all cables. Remember to connect your monitor cable to the new video card.

Start the computer, and insert the software disc included with your video card. Follow the instructions in the software to install the device drivers and other software included with the card.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Half-height PCI Express x16 video card
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