How Can I Test My Flash Player?

Written by mike benson | 13/05/2017

Used to view Flash-encoded videos and animation within your browser, Flash Player is a software application developed by Adobe Systems. The Flash Player application is available for all modern browsers and integrates within your web browser as an add-on. If you are having problems viewing Flash-based elements and think your Flash Player may be responsible, you can confirm whether the problem is on your end by simply going to the Adobe website to test your Flash Player.

Open the web browser you want to test, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Find the Adobe Flash Player website using any search engine.

Navigate to the "About" page on the Adobe Flash Player website. If Flash Player is working and installed properly, a graphic will display, stating "Adobe Flash Player Successfully Installed."

Look at the "Version Information" box below this graphic. This information tells you about your currently installed version. If you look in the "Player Version" box farther down the page, you can compare your installed version to the most recent version number available for your browser.

Update to the latest version by clicking the "Player Download Center" link if you are using an older version of Flash Player. This takes you to a download page. Click the "Download Now" button to update and follow the on-screen instructions to allow the installation.

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