How to Set Up Microsoft Word to Prevent Typing Double Letters

Updated April 17, 2017

Constantly typing double letters in a Microsoft Word document can quickly become frustrating and make it difficult to finish your document. Provided your keyboard is in normal working order, the speed at which you type a letter is controlled by Windows settings. Modifying your computer's repeat rate can eliminate unintentional double letters in Microsoft Word.

Inspect your keyboard visually for stuck keys or dirt stuck underneath a key. Use your own breath or a compressed air canister to dislodge any debris from your keyboard. Push down hard on each key to dislodge a stuck key.

Open the Control Panel from the "Start" menu.

Double-click on the "Keyboard" icon or list item.

Drag the "Repeat delay" slider to change how long you have to hold down a particular key before Word types the letter a second time. The slower the repeat rate, the longer Word waits to type double letters. Set a slow repeat rate if you have a tendency to hold down individual keys as you type.

Drag the "Repeat rate" slider to change how many times Word repeats a particular letter when you hold down a key. The slower the repeat rate, the fewer letters Word will show on the screen for each second you hold down that character's key.

Click "OK" to save your changes.

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