How to Overclock a Dell Inspiron 1525 Images

The Dell Inspiron 1525 is a mid-range notebook PC powered by an Intel 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor. It features a 15.4-inch TrueLife display, a 120 gigabyte hard drive and 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM. Originally released in 2008, the Inspiron 1525 is still quite capable of running most contemporary business applications.

You may want higher processing speeds, however, if you want to run processor-intensive applications such as photo or video editing software. In that case, before you consider either a processor upgrade or a new notebook PC, you may want to try an overclocking procedure to tweak the Inspiron 1525's T7250 processor for a little more speed.

Start up your Inspiron 1525 and wait for the boot splash screen to appear. Press and hold down the "F2" function key until the system's BIOS utility screen is displayed.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate the BIOS utility menu. Select the "Frequency/Voltage Settings" option and press the "Enter" key. Please note that the exact title for the option may be different depending on the version of BIOS installed on your Inspiron 1525, but the option should always include either "frequency" or "CPU" in the nomenclature.

Use the arrows keys to navigate to the "Frequency Multiplier" option on the Frequency Settings menu. On some versions of BIOS, this option may be titled "CPU Ratio Setting." Press the "Enter" key to activate the multiplier option for modification.

Press the "Up" arrow key one time to select the next highest available Frequency Multiplier option. Press the "F10" function key to save this setting, then press the "Escape" key to return to the main BIOS utility menu.

Press the F10 function key to save the changes you've made, then press the Escape key to exit the BIOS utility. Allow your Inspiron 1525 to boot up normally.