How to Disassemble the Treadle on a Vox Wah

Wah pedals are foot-operated expression effects that enable you to manipulate the frequency range of your guitar's signal. Vox is an English musical instrument and equipment manufacturer known for producing the first ever wah effect in the 1960s. Virtuoso guitar player Joe Satriani uses a Vox wah to add expression and boost to his tone. To customise and modify the sound of the wah unit and action of the pedal, start by removing the treadle.

Unplug the power supply. The power supply socket is located in front of the output jack socket, on the left of the pedal chassis. If the word "Vox" on the treadle is upside down, the pedal is the wrong way round. Carefully unplug the instrument cables by hand so that they aren't in the way.

Unscrew the two brass screws located on each side of the treadle. Use a small Phillips screwdriver. Depending on the age of the pedal, these screws may be covered. If so, use a flathead screwdriver to pry off plastic screw cover.

Remove the rubber pad on top of the treadle. Place an old T-shirt or sheet over the top of the treadle and run an iron across it. The heat melts the silicone-rubber glue holding the rubber foot plate in place on top of the treadle mechanism. Heat for approximately three minutes, then use a flathead screwdriver to pry the rubber foot mat away. This exposes more screws. Place the rubber mat underneath a heavy book to prevent it from curling out of shape. When it's time to replace the rubber mat, use silicone-rubber glue.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unfasten the screws on the top of the treadle, beneath where the rubber mat was located. This disconnects the treadle from the gear mechanism.

Place the pedal treadle-side down. Unscrew the rubber feet by hand to unfasten the base plate. Slide the chassis base plate off by hand and set it to one side.

Remove the screw located at the heel of the pedal. Press a flathead screwdriver against the pin connecting the treadle pivot point to the chassis. Tap the handle of the screwdriver with a small rubber mallet to dislodge the pin.

Place the pedal treadle side up and carefully lift the treadle assembly out of the pedal chassis.


Place the screws on a piece of electrical tape so that they remain in order and don't roll away.


Taking the treadle apart may void the warranty.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver or pin-pusher
  • Rubber mallet
  • Clothes iron
  • Old sheet
  • Electrical tape
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