Polaroid TV Repair Tips

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The Polaroid brand is more synonymous with cameras that television sets, but as of 2010, the company manufactures a broad range of TVs, including LCD and CRT screens. Many Polaroid TV issues can be resolved by performing simple connection checks and accessing menu options on-screen. For more technical failures, you should seek professional repair or contact Polaroid directly.

No Power

Polaroid TVs have power buttons on the television set and on the remote control. If you can't turn on your television by pressing either of these buttons, there is an issue with the power source. Make sure the power cable on the TV is securely connected to a wall outlet. If this appears to be OK, connect another device to the same outlet to make sure there is not a fault with the outlet. If there is still no power, there may be a blown fuse that needs replacing. If your Polaroid TV remote control is not working, check that the batteries are properly placed according to the "+" and "-" symbols on the back of the control. If this doesn't work, put in new batteries. If none of these solutions fixes the problem, you should contact Polaroid Customer Support directly or seek professional TV repair.

Bad or Blank Pictures

If your Polaroid TV is displaying a fuzzy or blank picture, make sure the coaxial cable at the rear of the set is firmly connected. On Polaroid TVs, the cable should be linked to the socket marked RF. Check the cable wire to make sure there are no dents that may be impairing the signal. If this appears OK, check the metal fitting that goes into the TV, as this may have become loose and needs replacing.

For Polaroid LCD TVs, make sure electrical devices such as vacuum cleaners or stereos are not switched on near the TV set, as this may result in interference. If the image quality fails to improve, you should access the picture controls via the "Menu" button on your Polaroid remote. You can now change the picture and video options to improve the image.

Faulty Sound

Low or no sound on Polaroid TVs are often not due to the set itself, but to external devices such as cable TV receivers or games systems linked to the TV. These have their own volume controls which can affect the output from your TV. Turn up the volume on these devices if the sound on your Polaroid TV appears too low. Also make sure the "mute" button has not been accidentally pressed on your Polaroid TV remote control. If neither of these remedies fixes the problem, you should contact Polaroid Customer Support directly.

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