How to Let a Guy Know You Like Him Without Being Obvious

Written by alexandra bee | 13/05/2017
How to Let a Guy Know You Like Him Without Being Obvious
Getting to know the guy you are interested in will help ease any nervousness while around him. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Meeting someone you are interested in dating is an exhilarating feeling and may cause extreme excitement. However, if you are fearful of being overly obvious of your feelings when around him, you can take a few steps to help keep yourself calm and relaxed when in his company. Letting a guy know that you like him is possible without being entirely obvious, as long as you keep yourself grounded and confident in yourself.

Introduce yourself to the guy you are interested in if you are already not acquainted. Strike up a conversation about recent events, a class you have in common with him if you're attending school, or even a hobby of yours. It is important to meet someone face to face and have a conversation with them before deciding if you still feel compatible and interested.

Get to know him more after your first conversation by suggesting to hang out or accepting any offers he may ask you, even if it is not in a romantic way. Have some of your friends meet at the movies or go out to lunch together as a group with him. Although you may like him, it is also important to get to know him before making any quick judgments.

Compliment him while you are out together and keep eye contact with him while you speak. This will show him you are interested in what he has to say, and also ensure he knows you think of him in a positive light.

Ask him to attend a movie or get coffee together outside of a group setting when you feel comfortable enough. This will allow you to have more one on one time and deeper conversations. Find out more about his own hobbies and interests to confirm if you have any in common. You can gauge how he is feeling and responding by how active he is in the conversation and if he is smiling and laughing with you often.

Tap his arm, hand, or shoulder lightly and gently to get his attention while also showing you are still interested in him during various activities. Over time you can suggest even more one on one dates, including going on a night out together, visiting a museum, or having dinner for just the two of you as well which will show him you are interested in more than just friendship.

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