How to Amplify an Oscillating Metal Detector

Updated February 21, 2017

Metal detecting is a hobby for many treasure seekers and collecting enthusiasts. The sensitivity of the metal detector -- how deep its signal can penetrate -- is a critical factor that affects success when hunting. Oscillating metal detectors can be amplified by installing a metal detector signal amplifier. These devices are wired to the metal detector and serve to amplify the return signal. Installing a metal detector amplifier can be done with little difficulty. Note that as all metal detectors vary in design, the installation process will correspondingly vary.

Open the metal detector housing to expose the wiring. This is the area where your factory sensitivity controls are placed. Depending on the model, opening the housing will vary widely.

Unhook the return signal wire. This is the largest wire running from the coil to the sensitivity control. Unhook the ground wire. This wire -- if not labelled -- will be small and typically either green or white.

Hook the return signal wire to the amplifier at the area indicated. As all amplifiers vary, the placement of the wire will vary. Typically, this is the largest connection point or otherwise labelled as "return signal input."

Connect the ground wire to the amplifier. This is done in the same manner as in step 3, only this is usually screwed onto the amplifier body.

Attach the amplifier to the detector housing by screwing it onto the housing or attaching it securely with something else, such as electrical tape. Whichever you prefer or works best is sufficient.

Turn the detector on, then turn the amplifier on. Set the amplifier to its highest sensitivity and test for proper function.


Never attempt to use a metal detector on private property without permission from the landowner. This is trespassing and is punishable by law.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal detector amplifier
  • Screwdrivers
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