How to Fix a Bent Slinky Coil

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Like many inventions, the Slinky was invented by accident. A Philadelphia engineer named Richard James invented the Slinky in 1943. Since the Slinky is a series of coils, one bent coil prevents the Slinky from working properly. The Slinky is made of different materials such as plastic and metal. You do not have to be an engineer to fix a bent Slinky. Use of household materials is all you need to get your Slinky moving again.

Cover the bent area with a hand towel. Apply heat to the bent area of the Slinky on top of the hand towel using an iron. Plastic bends when a heat source is placed on it.

Place the iron on top of the towel and the Slinky for 5 minutes. Use the "Wool" or high-heat setting.

Place pliers over the bend. Squeeze the handles of the pliers and place pressure on the bend. Rotate your hand to the right or left depending on the direction of the bend. Continue to apply pressure and rotate until the Slinky returns to its original shape.

Find the bent area of the Slinky. Pull the Slinky to the right and left, 3 inches away from the bent area. That makes the Slinky coil flat.

Hold the areas with pliers. The Slinky should lie flat on the floor.

Hammer the bent area of the Slinky until the bend is flat. Your Slinky is now ready to use.

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