How to Mount a Meter Box to a Metal Building

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Meter boxes are electrical devices that record how much electricity has passed from the source and into the building. Meter boxes can be mounted to wood or metal buildings, and the process of mounting for each building requires a different process and tools. The same type of drill can be used for either process; however, a wood drill bit would get destroyed if used in this project. Mounting electrical boxes like these to metal buildings is not complicated and can be done in less than an hour.

Position your meter box against the metal building where you want to mount the box. Hold the level of the top of the box to ensure you are holding it level. Draw a circle inside each of the mounting holes on to the wall, and remove the meter away from the wall.

Draw an x over each circle using your metal scribe. This will help start the hole for your drilling. Drill a hole through the metal wall where your x-markings intersect.

Hold the meter box against the wall so the holes are aligned, and bolt the meter to the wall using the hardware that was provided. Tighten all the bolts so they are snug. The meter box must not be able to shift when the mounting process is complete.

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