How to Convert a TomTom to a Garmin

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Although TomTom and Garmin both produce GPS devices that produce often very similar navigation instructions, they differ when it comes to file compatibility. Many TomTom map set files are formatted in OV2 or OVR. Garmin GPS devices can't read this format. Garmin map set files are typically formatted in GPX. If you have purchased TomTom maps and now wish to download them to a Garmin GPS, the files need to be reformatted. TomTom map set files can be converted to a compatible format using a software program or online conversion tools.

Convert a TomTom map to a Garmin GPX with the ITN Converter software. This freeware program converts any OV2 or OVR file to GPX, or any other popular map set format. To reformat the map, open or upload the OV2 map set file into the software interface. Select the output format as GPX and export the file. In addition, the software includes tools for editing points of interest on a map set file.

Reformat a TomTom map set to Garmin with POIConverter. This tool is also a freeware program and will convert both TomTom OV2 to OVR to Garmin GPX format or to other Garmin formats required for route and track files like RXF or TXF.

Change TomTom map set files to a compatible Garmin format with POIEditor. POIEditor is a free, online tool. In the POIEditor interface, upload the TomTom file then hit the conversion button. The tool converts the file to GPX and provides an option to download the converted file to your computer.

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