How to Modify a Double Motorcycle Seat to a Single

Updated July 20, 2017

To modify a motorcycle with two seats you are going to have to buy a seat-conversion kit. In the conversion kit will be a seat and a plastic or fibreglass cover to conceal the rear seat compartment. On sport motorcycles with a raised rear seat, you will need to replace the seat with a cover. The dealership that sold you the bike will have these kits, or you can buy them from a custom motorcycle shop.

Remove the bolts around the lower edge of the seat that secure the seat to the frame, using the box wrench set. Set the retaining bolt aside and pull the seat off the frame.

Use the rear cover in place of the back seat to conceal the rear compartment. Place the new front seat on the frame and line up the mounting holes on the seat and cover with the holes on the frame.

Insert the mounting bolts into the mounting holes. Tighten each bolt in a crisscross (alternating) pattern until each bolt is snug and the tension is uniform.

Things You'll Need

  • Box wrench set
  • Seat-conversion kit
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