How to Reset a Whirlpool Stove

Updated February 21, 2017

Certain messages can appear on your Whirlpool stove display that may require resetting the unit. One of the indications of this issue is a message on the stove's display that shows a letter followed by a number. Also, when either the word "Bake" or "Lock" is flashing in the display, you need to reset the stove. The flashing "Bake" or "Lock" displays indicate that there was a power failure and that the clock must be reset.

Locate the "Off" button on the stove's panel. Depending on your model of stove, the button also may say "Off/Cancel" or "Cancel/Off."

Press the appropriate button.

Release the button. The letter followed by a number will no longer be on the display.

Press "Clock."

Press the "Temp/Time" up or down arrow pads until you reach the desired time.

Press "Clock" or "Start." After five seconds, the current display on the stove disappears and the clock is set.

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