How to Use a Swan Convection Microwave Oven

microwave image by Adrian Hillman from

Swan microwave ovens are British microwaves that you occasionally can find in the U.S. The microwaves are rather simple, and don't have the assortment of features you typically find on most modern microwaves.

The design of the Swan oven traces back to older ovens where only two dials are available: one for temperature and one for time.

Look at the cooking instructions for your microwave food. The information on the package should state whether to place the food on "Hi" or "Medium."

Adjust the temperature of the food with the temperature gauge on the Swan microwave. Usually you will set the temperature all the way on high; however, it may take some fine tuning on your part before you settle on an exact temperature for your food.

Select a cooking time with the clock gauge. Once you set the time and the door is shut, the microwave begins to count down the time until the food is finished.