How to Stop Pop Up Surveys

Updated April 17, 2017

Some pop-up surveys can be helpful. Survey data helps site owners discover valuable information about site usage, product preferences and other demographics information. If you do not wish to take surveys, the pop-ups may distract you. Browser makers and third-party vendors provide software that can block pop-up windows. This software cannot tell the difference between survey pop-ups and other types of pop-up windows. If you wish to prevent pop-ups from appearing, adjust a setting in your browser.This will stop survey pop-ups as well.

Launch Firefox, and click the "Tools" button.

Click "Options." A window will open. Click the "Content" tab.

Locate the check box next to "Block pop-up window." Click that check box to put a check there. Click the "OK." button.

Open your Internet Explorer browser. Click the "Tools" button to display a menu.

Click the "Internet Options" button, and then click the "Privacy" tab. A "Pop-up Block" section appears in a window.

Click "Turn on Pop-up Block."

Click "OK" to close the window.

Open your Google Chrome browser. Locate the "Wrench" icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser window. This icon has the shape of a wrench.

Click that icon, and then click the "Options" button. The "Google Chrome Options" window will open.

Click the "Under the Hood" tab, and then click "Content Settings."

Click "Pop-ups" to display the "Pop-up Settings" panel.

Click "Do not allow any site to show pop-ups" to put a check mark by that check box.

Click "Exceptions" to display the "Exceptions" text box. If you wish to see pop-ups from certain websites, enter the URLs of those sites in that text box. For example, if you wish to see surveys from your favourite music site, enter its URL in that text box. Chrome will then allow pop-ups from that site and prevent all others from appearing.

If you do not want to include exceptions, leave the text box empty and click "Close."

Launch your Safari browser.

Locate the "Gears" icon near the to right corner of the window. The icon looks like a gear.

Click the icon. A menu will open.

Click "Block Pop-up Windows." The menu will close, and Safari will activate the pop-up Blocker.

Open your Opera browser. Click "Tools." A menu will open.

Click "Preferences," and then click the drop-down arrow next to "Pop-ups." A list of options will appear.

Click the options that says, "Block unwanted pop-ups." Click "OK."


If a website attempts to open a pop-up, your browser will display an icon with an "X" on it in your browser's address bar. Clicking that icon opens a menu. That menu has several options. One option allows you to view the pop-up. The other option lets you add the site to Chrome's "Exceptions" list described in the previous steps. This gives you the flexibility of stopping all pop-up windows and having the option to view those you like. (See Reference 3, "See pop-ups for a specific site")

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