How to Remove the Console in a Mercedes R Class

Updated March 23, 2017

The Mercedes R-Class has two centre consoles: one in the front seating area and one in the rear seating area. According to the R-Class owner's manual, the centre console in the rear seat is owner-removable, but the front is not. You might want to remove the rear centre console to make it easier for passengers to access the third-row seats. If you need to remove the other centre console, visit your authorised Mercedes dealer. The front console is integrated with the vehicle's electronics and climate-control unit.

Access the Mercedes R-Class rear seating area. Open the console lid. Remove any items stored in the console compartment. Be sure to check the cup holder for loose items as well. Close the console lid.

Locate the centre console release handle. This handle is on the front edge of the console. It is black. Grasp it, and pull it toward the front seats.

Lift the front part of the centre console upward, and then slide it forward. Lift the console up to remove it from the Mercedes R-Class.

Pull the release handle open and set the console back onto the floor mount when you are ready to replace it. Push it rearward and down to mount it. Let go of the release handle.

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