How to Lace Your Nike Blazers

Updated March 30, 2017

Nike Blazers are available in low-top, medium-tops and high-tops. These particular shoes can be worn for a number of purposes, from the streets to the basketball courts. You can tie your Nike Blazers so that the laces are even and tied properly.

Fold the shoe laces so that they are even and insert one side of the string into the bottom lace hole of the shoe and pull the lace through to the other side.

Route the lace through to the other lace hole on the other side of the shoe that is cater-cornered. When inserting the lace through the hole, insert it through the outside. Keep the shoe laces straight as you are threading them through the lace holes.

Repeat the above steps until you have reached the fifth lace hole. Do not thread the shoe laces through the loop on the shoe tongue.

Tie the laces in a bunny knot or however you would normally tie your shoes.

Things You'll Need

  • Shoelaces
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