How to Program the Key Chip for a Renault Kangoo

Written by angelo elia | 13/05/2017

The Renault Kangoo is a compact van with five doors that is built in various trims, including the Kangoo Express and the Kangoo Fourgon. The Renault Kangoo is manufactured with a remote control Renault infrared key that locks and unlocks the doors of the Kangoo. If the infrared key does not operate properly, it must be programmed. You may program the Kangoo's remote control infrared key without the use of any tools.

Park the Kangoo on level ground.

Turn the Kangoo's ignition to the off position.

Push and hold your finger at the central door locking button for a few seconds and wait for the driver's door to lock and unlock. The central door locking button is located on the Kangoo's centre console.

Wait 10 seconds for the Kangoo's immobiliser light to come on.

Hold the Kangoo infrared key to the driver's door receiver and then push the button on the infrared key two times for the driver's door to lock and unlock.

Hold the Kangoo infrared key to the other doors and then push the key's button two times for the doors to lock and unlock.


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