How to Install an Apexi Turbo Timer on an MR2

Updated April 17, 2017

The Toyota MR2's turbos are lubricated with the engine's oil. Even after a normal driving session, the oil will be extensively heated. When you turn off your MR2 straight after driving, the hot oil is left circulated within the turbocharger, creating the risk for turbo bearing "bake." Installing a turbo timer such as the APEXi Auto Timer on your MR2 will allow your engine to idle for a preset amount of time after you remove the ignition key, therefore giving the turbocharger proper time to cool down.

Remove your MR2's plastic steering column cover by removing the Phillips-head screws along its underside, then pulling it free. Likewise remove the centre console cover, giving you access to the parking brake assembly.

Unplug the MR2's ignition harness -- the wiring harness leading out of the key ignition slot. Separating the ignition harness allows you to plug the Auto Timer's harness in between the stock harness' connections. Do so, and plug the other end of the harness into the Auto Timer unit.

Run the Auto Timer's black ground wire to a proper grounding source, such as the chassis screws that can be found near the MR2's A-pillar. Loosen one of the screws, wrap the ground wire's exposed end around the screw neck, then retighten into the chassis. Tuck and secure all excess wire into the dash area with zip ties.

Connect the Auto Timer's emergency brake wire into your MR2's parking brake switch by routing the emergency brake wire into the centre console area. Strip a few millimetres of the parking brake switch's isolation, and splice in the Auto Timer wire by wrapping its exposed end around the stripped portion of the parking brake switch. Crimp the connection with the supplied APEXi wire splices.

Tuck all excess wire into the dash and centre console areas. Secure with zip ties. Replace the steering column cover and centre console cover. Start your MR2 to check that your APEXi Auto Timer is fully functional.


To avoid danger of electrocution and/or turbo timer device shortage, disconnect your MR2's battery prior to installation.

Things You'll Need

  • APEXi Auto Timer kit
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Wire strippers
  • Zip ties
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