How to Remove the Powder Coat From Aluminum

Powder coat is a non-liquid form of paint that can be used to coat metal objects, such as aluminium. Instead of spreading the coating on like a standard paint, the paint is sprayed on much like spray paint. Since the paint is in powdered form though, you must get the metal object that you want to coat very hot before applying the powder coat. When the powder hits the heated metal, it melts onto the surface, creating a secure bond that lasts years. If you change your mind about a powder coat job, you must use the proper tools to remove the powder coat from aluminium.

Take the aluminium object outside, if possible. If not, take the object into a garage or another work room where you can open a large door or windows and get ventilation in the room.

Hang the aluminium object from a rack with hooks if you have one on hand. If you don't have a rack, place the object on a wood work table that is designed to hold up to chemical applications. Be prepared for the gasket remover to do some damage to the table.

Place paper bags, or a paper that is equally as thick over the parts of the aluminium from which you don't want to strip the powder coat. Tape the bags down with masking tape all along the edges, making sure not to leave any gaps into the tape where the gasket remover can run inside.

Put on a heavy, long-sleeve shirt and long trousers. Make sure you wear gloves, goggles and a respiratory mask when working with the gasket remover.

Spray the areas of the aluminium object from which you want to remove the powder coat with industrial strength gasket remover. Leave the aluminium object to sit for 15 to 20 minutes until the powder coat starts bubbling and peeling.

Go over the aluminium object with a dry rag to strip off the peeling powder coat. If any spots of powder coating remain on the aluminium, spray those spots with gasket remover again. Wait for the coat to peel and wipe down again.


You can find industrial strength gasket remover at most automotive stores. The product generally comes in an aerosol can. Throw away any rags used to wipe gasket remover from the aluminium.

Things You'll Need

  • Rack with hooks or work table
  • Goggles
  • Respiratory mask
  • Heavy, long-sleeve shirt and long trousers
  • Paper bags
  • Masking tape
  • Industrial strength gasket remover
  • Dry rag
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