The average income of an ice cream truck owner

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According to MSNBC, the Philadelphia-based International Association of Ice Cream Vendors claims that the ice cream truck industry is doing as well as ever. Drivers' salaries can vary with different company policies.


According to, the average salary for an ice cream truck driver job is £16,250. MSBC reports that some drivers take home 35 per cent of their daily sales but spend about £7 on daily truck rental fees. There are also gas costs.

Unlimited Income Potential

The ice cream business can be recession-proof because ice cream is extremely popular in the United States. If a driver is self-employed, he can set his own hours and relish in unlimited income potential. However, steady locations are important when it comes to making a consistent income.


There are various expenses in the ice cream truck business, especially associated with those who are just beginning. Initial costs include ice cream inventory, a freezer, licenses, fees, permits and insurance.


Most ice cream truck drivers should have a tolerant nature toward children. Children primarily purchase ice cream from ice cream trucks and selling them your products daily or weekly can provide great joy to them. However, a driver with an unpleasant demeanour can scare children away, and that can affect revenue.

Fun Fact

According to MSNBC, a taco-shaped chocolate ice cream cone that can't be found in regular stores is a strong seller. Obscure flavours such as chilli-powder-flavoured ice cream are not long lasting because they do not apeal to children.

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