How to Take Apart a Samsung SyncMaster

As with any LCD screen, your SyncMaster will need repair at some point. This is usually due to backlight or inverter problems inside the monitor. Repairing, troubleshooting or replacing either of these devices requires that you dismantle your Samsung SyncMaster monitor. While it is possible to perform this procedure yourself, it is likely that you will void your LCD monitor's warranty by doing so.

Turn off the SyncMaster monitor. Unplug the power cord from the electrical socket and from the connector on the back of the monitor. Disconnect the serial data cable from the back of the monitor and from the computer.

Move the monitor to a sturdy work surface. Lay the monitor face down and remove the Phillips-head screws fastening the base to the monitor's back housing. Remove the base from the monitor and set it aside.

Remove all Phillips-head screws from the SyncMaster's rear housing panel. Pry the rear panel from the monitor's assembly with a flathead screwdriver. This reveals the metal casing covering the internal components of the monitor. Remove any Phillips-head screws and disengage any retention clips securing the metal casing in place. Each SyncMaster model is different.

Grasp each side of the monitor's metal casing and lift the casing straight up and off of the monitor assembly. Disconnect any cables from the metal casing and remove the metal housing from the monitor. This reveals the monitor's main motherboard. Disconnect all cables from the motherboard and loosen all screws fastening the motherboard in place. Lift the motherboard out of the monitor assembly and set it aside.

Loosen the Phillips-head screws attaching the LCD screen panel to the monitor's front housing. Grasp each side of the LCD screen and lift it out of the monitor's casing. Move the LCD screen to a large, flat surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
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