How to lay concrete blocks for lawn edging

Updated February 21, 2017

To enhance the appearance of a garden bed, use concrete pavers to edge around it. Concrete is a long-lasting material. It can handle rain, temperature shifts and getting bumped with the lawnmower. There are many styles, colours and shapes of concrete edgers you can choose from. Some interlock and others simply lay side-by-side. Whichever style of concrete paver you decide to use, laying them properly will give your garden bed a professional look.

Mark where you will lay the pavers, using either laundry rope or spray paint. Use a square spade to cut a trench, following the design you marked out. The trench should be at least 4 inches deep and 1 inch wider than your concrete paver.

Cut landscape fabric, with scissors, to fit the trench. Lay the fabric on the bottom of the trench. This will help prevent weeds and grass from growing between your concrete pavers.

Pour approximately 2 inches of sand into the trench. Use a wooden block to smooth the sand.

Place the concrete pavers into the trench, tight against the front. The pavers should be sitting about 1/2 inch higher than the topsoil. Use a level to make sure each paver is sitting flat. Adjust the sand under the paver to achieve this positioning.

Fill any gaps behind the concrete pavers with soil. Brush sand across the tops of the pavers to fill any gaps between pavers.

Things You'll Need

  • Laundry rope
  • Spray paint
  • Square spade
  • Scissors
  • Landscape fabric
  • Sand
  • Wooden block
  • Level
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