How to stop smoking with fake cigarettes

Updated April 17, 2017

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is extremely difficult for many people to address. However, physical addiction is not the only problem. Psychologically, oral fixation--like holding a cigarette when stressed or keeping the cigarette to your lips--is prevalent among addicted cigarette smokers. For people who have decided to quit smoking, this oral fixation may pull them back to their old ways. Fake cigarettes are used to counter this problem since they can be used when you feel the urge to smoke or hold a cigarette.

Purchase a packet of fake cigarettes as recommended by your physician. Buy medically approved fake cigarettes if you have not consulted a physician. Confirm with a pharmacist to ensure that what you have purchased is legal and usable. Ensure that the fake cigarettes are nicotine-free so as to avoid increasing addiction to nicotine while you are on the path to recovery. Get renewable fake cigarettes if you have irregular smoking habits because purchasing new ones is usually expensive.

Use the fake cigarettes every time you have the urge to smoke. Carry them with you wherever you go. Avoid public places where smoking is prevalent or, if possible, the presence of other cigarette smokers. Practice using these fake cigarettes at home. Consult with your employer on whether you are allowed to "smoke" your fake cigarette in the workplace. Make sure that the fake cigarettes are completely safe to use around other people in places like diners or amusement parks to ensure the safety of the "passive smoker."

Check with your physician on a weekly basis to discuss the progress you are making as you address your oral fixation. Inquire about ways become less dependent on the fake cigarettes. Follow your physician's advice to the latter. Keep a record of the number of times you used the fake cigarettes in the beginning so you can make a self-progress chart in case your physician is not readily available to speak with you..

Continue using the fake cigarettes until your physician recommends otherwise. Attend therapy sessions to assist you in reducing your dependency on the fake cigarettes. Seek advice from a former cigarette smoker on ways to cope with the looming urge to smoke even after you have made the commitment to stop. Engage in productive activities and keep using the fake cigarettes until you are fully recovered and no longer have the urge to smoke. Keep the fake cigarettes out of the reach of children because some of them have a slight content of nicotine. It may also needlessly expose them to smoking

Store a few fake cigarettes in case you feel like smoking even after full recovery. Check the cigarettes for an expiration date and renew your supply if necessary. Visit your physician regularly even after full recovery to stay updated on the condition of your health.

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