How to Increase Rx8 Torque

Updated February 21, 2017

The Mazda RX 8 is a great sports car and represents an excellent automotive canvas for a tuner to work with. However, it does not put out a great amount of torque for a sports car, relying instead on it's light weight. By increasing the torque, you can increase the acceleration of the Mazda RX 8 and shorten your 0 to 60mph times. The torque can be increased through a re-flash of the engine control unit and with a turbocharger.

Find an autoshop that specialises in Mazda tuning. Because the RX 8 uses a rotary engine, it is not like other cars. A rotary engine does not use pistons and cylinders like regular engines. It uses a triangular cam that rotates in an oval shaped cavity. The combustions spin the cam, and thus the cam shaft, to generate power. Because of this it helps to have a mechanic that specialises in those kinds of engines.

Flash the engine control unit with custom software. The engine control unit runs the engine, from the fuel air mixture to the myriad of other electronically controllable variables. There are may software packages out there and the mechanic will be able to recommend the best one for you. Pick one that can work best with a turbocharger.

Fit a turbocharger to the rotary engine. A turbocharger uses the exhaust gases to help spin a turbine that shoves air into the engine. The more air in the combustion chamber, the stronger the combustion. However this requires finetuning, especially with a rotary engine, to avoid blowing up the engine. A dynometer is used to test the power output of a car by letting it drive upon rollers. You need to use a dynometer to fine tune both the turbocharger and the ECU flashing.

Fit race spec tire to your wheels. Even though your engine puts out more torque, it can only be usable if your tires can maintain contact with the road. Race spec tire help you keep traction even with greater amounts of torque, helping prevent wheelspin.

Things You'll Need

  • Auto shop
  • ECU flasher
  • Turbocharger
  • Dynometer
  • Race Spec tire
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