How to Tighten the Chain on a Honda VFR750

socket set wrench image by Christopher Dodge from

Adjusting the chain on a Honda VFR750 is straightforward task thanks to Honda's simple design, integrated with the single-sided swing arm. You need only a couple of tools and to follow some simple steps to complete the adjustment, regardless of the year of your motorcycle.

Place the bike securely on its centre stand, or on a bike stand so the rear wheel is elevated. Loosen the bearing pinch bolt on the swing arm. This is the hex bolt at the rear of the swing arm behind the chain sprocket.

Adjust the chain tension. There should be a type of spanner wrench in your owner's tool kit. It looks like a half moon with a notch at the end.Once the pinch bolt is loosened, place the spanner in one of the grooves on the adjusting nut. Move the wrench down to tighten the chain, up to loosen it. The slack on the chain should be between 15mm and 25mm. This can be measured with a chain tension gauge or a ruler.

Tighten the pinch bolt. Once the proper tension has been achieved, remove the spanner wrench and replace it in your tool kit. Tighten the pinch bolt using a torque wrench. The proper torque is 55 newton meters (nM). Lower the motorcycle from the centre stand and check the chain tension again. Adjust the tension until within the proper range if necessary.

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